Game Name: Dash Legends
Developer: Uki Games Ltd
Publisher: Umbrella Games LLC
iOS Release Date: Jun 22 2017
Android Release Date: Jun 22 2017

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Face off against real opponents and show them who is the fastest legend in the world!

A real-time multiplayer runner that fits right in your pocket. Select your favorite characters and arm them with discovered artifacts & fast pets. Run down the narrow paths of the Amazon jungles, underground mummy tombs or burning Viking ships and pick up powerful weapons to use against your opponents. Things never slow down in this 4 person PVP.

Welcome to Dash Legends!

** Mobile Game Of The Year 2016 @ Bulgarian Game Awards **


• ONLINE MULTIPLAYER ADVENTURE: Challenge up to 3 of your friends or compete with players from around the globe! It's tons of fun!
• 3 EPIC WORLDS AND HUNDREDS OF MAPS: Amazon jungles, underground mummy tombs or burning Viking ships – each presents its own challenges to master! Scramble over all obstacles!
• 12 UNIQUE CHARACTERS: A Mayan priest-doctor, a savage Valkyrie, or a God of the Dead - each hero will render you unique advantage! Rase the competition!
• 30+ SPECIAL SKILLS AND ARTIFACTS: Wield the superpower of ancient relics and outfit your hero for the dangers ahead!
• PRO LEAGUES: Raise the leaderboards and reach the pinnacle of the Leagues! Your reputation is at stake!
• FAVORITE PET SIDEKICKS: A tiger, a Sphinx, a dinosaur, and more! Your favorite pet will carry you to victory and will protect you!
• 3 GAME MODES: Global, Friends or Drill.
• 40+ QUESTS AND ACHIEVEMENTS: Complete adventures and stake your claim on epic rewards.


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